Monday, February 7, 2011

Le Pain

We love French bread. Here are our favourites so far.

La Bichette - this is my favourite. It's from the bakery close to Fiacra's school. The ninja turns into Fiacra the Impaler when he gets hold of this.

La viennoise - this is Ailbhe's favourite and is from the bakery closest to our house. It's very soft and delicious with jam for breakfast. Connell holds the record of 6 minutes, 35 seconds for round trip to the bakery in the morning to pick this up. I thought I was close this morning but the lady in the bakery is so friendly, she slowed me down. 

Le sarmentine - Connell's favourite, also from the bakery closest to our house. It rarely gets home with both ears intact.


  1. Addie wants to know what Fiona likes.

  2. K, don't know how we missed what your favourite is. We have only read this post about 3 times now! Did I mention that yesterday was a long day?