Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lose the Boots

Sunday was Finian's last day wearing his Dennis Browne boots and bar. He has worn them full time for the past 3 months and will continue to wear them at night until he is 3 or 4. Fiacra and Ailbhe were really happy for him.

Dennis Browne boots and bar

Celebrating the last day of the boots

Finian was born with clubfoot in his left foot. His right foot was also turned but wasn't considered a true clubfoot. We saw a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at the Grand River Hospital in Kitchener every Thursday from when Finian was 7 weeks old until we left for France. Finian was treated by the Ponseti method, where his foot was stretched at the clinic each week and then a cast applied to retain the correction. He wore casts on both feet for 3 weeks and then only on his left foot for another 4 weeks. He also had a tendon release where his Achilles tendon was cut.

When we first starting seeing the orthopedic surgeon, Connell asked if Finian would be able to run, jump and play in the NHL. The surgeon said definitely to run and jump but couldn't guarantee the NHL.

 Newborn Finian

 Finian with both feet casted

He was fitted for his boots in November. He hated them. We will see an orthopedic surgeon in France in 2 weeks for a check-up.

Finian loves pulling the laces

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