Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relaxing Sunday

The weather was beautiful on Sunday, sunny and about 15 degrees. I went for a run in the morning. Once I got back, Connell, Fiacra, and Ailbhe left for the pool. This was their first time going to the pool so Ailbhe was very excited. We arranged to meet downtown for lunch.

About an hour later, I got a "Failure to Swim" text from Connell. Ailbhe was not impressed. The swimming pool has very exact standards for swimwear, swim shorts (what all guys wear in Canada) are not allowed. All swimwear must be tight to the body. Connell and Fiacra will be speedo shopping this week. Will they have speedos for Finian?

We met up on the tram to downtown and went straight to the riverside promenade. The pathway is just over 3km in length and is very wide and smooth so the kids were eager to scoot there. There is a market along the path on a Sunday and lots of outdoor cafes and restaurants.

Fiacra and Ailbhe on our way from the tram to the river

The riverside path

Lamposts along the path

The boys 

Ailbhe practising before setting off

Fiacra and Ailbhe scooted the whole 3km, most of it way ahead of Connell, Finian, and I. They had a great time. The pathway and all the outdoor patios were busy, lots of people out enjoying the sun. The path ends at Cap Sciences, a science museum. Fiacra was very eager to go in but we are saving this for a rainy day (there haven't been very many of these since we arrived).

Fiacra in front of Cap Sciences

Ninja time

We will be doing this again many Sundays I think. The kids were hungry at dinner, we had roast beef, Fiacra's new favourite.


  1. That looks delicious!

    I am envious of your weather (as I am just about to coax Sadie and Lauchy into all of their winter gear). It is currently -22 with the wind chill and wind gusts to 52 km/h. I am soo looking forward to heading out to the school! NOT!

  2. So today there was almost a 40 degree difference in the weather between Bordeaux and KW, insane. I think this is kinda unusual for Bordeaux, there is generally much more rain. We have been really lucky.