Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calm Ailbhe

This evening when I was in the bathroom, washing Finian for bed, Ailbhe came in and calmly said "I just opened my closet, something fell down on my head, I think there is someone in the top of the closet and they threw it at me".

I told her that I had put some winter things in her closet today, that I must not have put them in properly, and it was one of those that had fallen on her.

"Well I'm not going back in there until you go in and see if anything else falls out, and if it does then you have to ask them."

"Ask them what?"

"Who they are and what they are doing in there."

I laughed and laughed and laughed. She was so indignant, how dare they climb into her closet and then throw things at her.

It's amazing the differences between Fiacra and Ailbhe. If this was Fiacra, we would have had to take everything out of the closet to show him there was no one in there. Even then, it would take ages before he would be comfortable in his room alone again.

Our house in France has skylights, something our house in Canada did not. Fiacra considers them to be very high risk for a break-in. I don't know why he thinks they are higher risk than a regular window or a door, and really what are they going to steal? Maybe there really was someone at the top of Ailbhe's closet, after he came in the skylight, he took a look around, saw that we had NOTHING, and decided to leave us some stuff. I'll go look now.

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