Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tissue Box Battle

Finian is sick again, a throat infection this time. We saw his doctor twice this week, once to get his vaccinations and the second to get an explanation for a fever and extreme grumpiness. Finian has easily had more antibiotics in his 10 months than Fiacra has had in his 7 years.

Visits to the doctor are benchmarks for my French, I am definitely improving. I didn't struggle at all this time in the doctor's office or in the pharmacy.

When Fiacra was a baby he loved to pull every tissue out of the tissue box and throw them all around him. We didn't let him do it very often and we would gather up all the tissues afterwards and stuff them back in the box. Finian was so out of sorts yesterday, I thought I would let him try it. He loved pulling them out, but instead of throwing them up in the air, he would try to stuff them into his mouth, I would try to stop him, and then tears. Somehow not as much fun as with Fiacra.

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