Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fiacra's 10km

Fiacra had no school on Tuesday afternoon and Connell was working from home, so when Finian was napping, Fiacra and I went for a bike ride. We biked to the trails, did a 5km loop on the trails and then biked home, a total of 10km. Fiacra was so enthusiastic the whole ride and was making big plans for all the exercise we will do this summer.

We biked partly on the road and partly on bike paths to get to the trails. Fiacra changed gears many times and was very conscientious about hand signals. He was making me a little nervous when he was taking his hand off to signal. That night, I mentioned to Connell that I was surprised he had shown Fiacra the hand signals. Turns out Connell had never mentioned hand signals to him. So I'm not sure why he has started doing them. Connell thinks he remembers them from a Franklin book.

There weren't so many gear changes in the trails, he was busy following the orange arrows which mark the trail, and watching out for roots and rocks. He loves biking in the trails. We both really enjoyed the ride.

Bikes are used much more here for zipping around town than in Canada. When we get back to Canada, I am definitely getting a bike seat for Finian so that we can bike more and use our car less.

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