Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hourtin Plage

At the end of June we spent a week in Hourtin Plage with my sister Caitriona, her husband John, and their kids Jack and Cara. We stayed in mobile homes at a campsite within walking distance of the beach. We had a great time. Fiacra and Ailbhe really enjoyed being with Jack and Cara.

The campsite was very different to what we are used to in the provincal parks in Ontario. The facilities were fantastic, a restaurant, a grocery store, a gym, a games room, a huge pool complex, and great playgrounds, but on the other hand the tent sites were small, had no privacy, and no fire pit or picnic table. I wouldn't like camping there but the mobile homes were great. We had two beside each other, each with a covered deck and picnic table.

Hourtin Plage is on the Atlantic Ocean, and is about an hour and a half drive northwest from Bordeaux. The beach is beautiful, popular with surfers, with huge waves. The kids had a great time jumping the waves. We went to the beach and to the pool every day. We ate out a few times and otherwise had very easy meals. The kids were exhausted every night.

 Jack and Fiacra

Fiacra leaving on a bike ride 

Connell telling stories to Fiacra, Ailbhe (and seal) 

Ailbhe and Jack 

Many lollipops were eaten

Sand art by Ailbhe

 Everyone hard at work

Ailbhe at the beach 

John and Jack burying Fiacra 

John and Jack

Caitriona and Jack

Sandcastles and lollipops - a winning combination

Fiacra in a huge hole 

Connell, Fiacra, and Finian - Finian loved the waves 

The pool 

 Ailbhe and Cara

Cara and John


 Fiacra and Cara at dinner - Fiacra is completely exhausted and so refreshingly subdued

 Ailbhe and Jack at dinner

Finian at dinner - another exhausted boy

Ailbhe, Fiacra, and Jack in Maubuisson

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  1. You and your sister have exactly the same legs! Looks like a lot of fun!