Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer - Week 2

Connell got back from Barcelona today. Five days on my own with the kids was long but not as bad as I'd imagined. Fiacra and Ailbhe went to the Centre de Loisirs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which helped a lot. Those three days were busy days for them, bike to the centre and home (2.5km each way), the center all day, and a swim in the evenings, so they were content to have fairly relaxed days on the non-centre days.

Connell took Fiacra and Ailbhe to the science centre (Cap Sciences) on Saturday. The kids and I went to the museum of contemporary art (CAPC) on Tuesday, and to a new park on Thursday. Fiacra brought his camera to CAPC and took loads of photos, I will do a separate post of them. We will go back sometime with Connell, the kids enjoyed it.

Finian had a good week. He loves the bike seat. He is getting more teeth, he has 8 already and it seems like all the others are coming through. He has started doing some signs, he uses the signs for finished and out at every meal. He had his first physio on Wednesday and was happy to play with all the new toys. His pediatrician recommended physio to help strengthen his arms and legs.

My best friends this week - Pink Panther and the Smurfs. While I was putting Finian to bed each night, Fiacra and Ailbhe watched one of these on the laptop. It's amazing how quickly they can clean up and get ready for bed when they want to.

We're going to the beach tomorrow and on Sunday we leave for the Pyrenees to meet our friends, we can't wait.

Fiacra working on a virtual bridge construction at Cap Sciences

The actual bridge construction right outside Cap Sciences. 


  1. Glad that you managed without Connell. It can be such a pain when those men go away! Post photos of your time with the Burns'!


  2. Hi Fiona, I stumbled onto your blog while googling for things to do in Bordeaux with my 14 month old toddler. My husband, son and I also happen to live in Kitchener, ON and will be in Bordeaux for a week in September so my husband can attend a pair of computer science conferences at the University of Bordeaux. Any tips about good activities for a toddler would be welcomed.