Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last Day of School

Fiacra and Ailbhe had their last day of the school year on Friday. Fiacra will move to CE1 (Cours Élémentaire 1) in September and Ailbhe will move to La Grande Section. They both got good reports from their teachers. We are amazed by how well and quickly they adjusted to French school, they both like their schools and have made friends. Fiacra's teacher said he will sometimes do "une bêtise", meaning little mischief. I should probably consider this a bad thing but I don't really, it shows he's comfortable.

My favourite part of school here - no lunches to be made. It will be hard to return to making lunches every day. The only school lunch I made this year was for Fiacra when his class went on a school trip. They had a long day away, from 8:15am until after 6pm, so I made him a large but fairly typical packed lunch, a sandwich, crackers and cheese, fruit, veggies, cookies, yogurt. When he got home, I asked him if he liked his lunch and he said "All the kids laughed at my lunch". I asked him why they laughed and he said "because they're crazy." I'm not sure why they found it so funny.

Neither Fiacra nor Ailbhe missed a single day of school except for last week when we went to the beach. Fiacra wasn't keen to tell his teacher he was taking a week off to go to the beach. So Connell wrote a note saying Fiacra wouldn't be in school but didn't give a reason. His teacher did ask him where he was going but he replied "Je ne sais pas" (I don't know). When he got back to school, she asked him where he had been and he said "I had to go and see my cousins", she then asked him where his cousins live and he said "in Ireland". So no lies, he did indeed see his Irish cousins at the beach - in France.

We are looking forward to the summer. We have two weeks at home to start, Connell is away at a conference in Barcelona for the second week. The kids will go to the closest "Centre de Loisirs" for 2 days the first week and 3 days the second week. It's similar to a summer camp except you can choose as many days as you like whenever you like. After that we have 5 straight weeks of vacation away and friends in town. It will be crazy but fun.

 Last day of school - Canada Day

Last Friday afternoon beer for a little while

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