Monday, November 28, 2011

Cute Poem

Fiacra does lots of poetry in school. I love this one.

Pomme et Poire

Pomme et poire
Dans l'armoire,

Fraise et noix
Dans les bois,

Sucre et pain
Dans ma main,

Et le faiseur de Bêtises
Bien au chaud dans ma chemise

Luc Bérimont

My translation - Apple and pear in the cupboard, strawberry and nuts in the woods, sugar and bread in my hand, and the mischief maker, nice and warm in my shirt.

We were talking about this poem this morning at breakfast. On the walk to school, Fiacra saw a boy from his class and said "he gets puitions (punishments) everyday, I think we're doing that poem because of him." I think this poem applies perfectly to every kid we know.

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