Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Week in the Périgord Noir in Pictures - Part I

The kids taking a break from the drive, while Connell adjusts the bikes on the bike rack, as strongly recommended by some Gendarmes.

We stopped in Périgueux for Lunch. It is a beautiful town.

Ailbhe spotted a marker for the Chemin de St. Jacques. We followed it to the cathedral.

The Cathedral in Périgueux. It's huge.

Fiacra and Ailbhe gathered a huge basket of walnuts. They're the best walnuts I've ever tasted.

Fiacra and I went for a run/bike ride. This dog joined us when we were a few minutes in and stayed with us the whole way.

We visited Lascaux II - amazing!

Fiacra and Ailbhe in the museum.

Finian taking a breather after behaving questionably in the cave - a trend with him when it comes to caves.

We stocked up on bread and quiche at the bakery in Montignac.

We took advantage of Finian's nap and played a game of Dragons' Gold.

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