Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Week in the Périgord Noir in Pictures - Part III

Some of the paintings in the Grotte de Rouffignac from a photo found on the web. The majority of paintings are of mammoths. A train takes you 2 km into the cave. There are paintings along the way and a chamber at the end with paintings covering the ceiling.

Finian and I on the train - he started yelling shortly after this and continued for the entire time. 

Ailbhe and Connell on the train.

The village of Saint Léon sur Vézère.

Ailbhe on a walk by the Vézère river.

The Vézère river.

The kids and I on a walk - this was the first time they wore their wellies in France - they jumped in every single puddle and got completely soaked.

A model of the cliffside town of La Roque Saint Christophe, the city of troglodytes - before it was destroyed by the king of France.

The backs of the buildings went into caves.  There was a blacksmith shop, slaughterhouse, smokehouse, church and more.


 A gerbil wheel powered crane - with human gerbils.

Note the double pulley and two descending ropes on this crane. As one rope is pulled up, the other is let down.  This was used to raise water from the bottom of the cliff. (Connell did this section - can you tell?)

Two water buckets hanging from the previous crane.

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  1. Um, I could totally tell that someone other than Fiona must have written that section.

    Love the look of the dude in the background of the photo with Connell and Ailbhe!

    And finally, what was Finian yelling?!