Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working Weekend

We have exactly 2 weeks left in our house. I alternate between feeling like we have so much to do and will never manage to leave, and feeling like we have everything in hand (there may be a correlation with coffee consumption).

This weekend we spent a lot of time at home getting stuff done. We have gone through everything in the house. Anything we are bringing back and won't need in the next 2 weeks is in mine and Connell's bedroom, ready for packing. (Go Connell!!). We have cleaned the whole house, including dislodging our impressive resident spider population and all of their webs.

We are committed to throwing away as little as possible. There was a toy drive a few weeks ago and we dropped off a bunch of toys there. We have donated any clothes we no longer want. Some friends came by last weekend to look at the furniture and they are going to take the shelving units, the stove, our bed, and the outdoor furniture. Our bikes will go to Fiacra's friend's family who were thinking of getting bikes anyway. Which still leaves some furniture, the fridge/freezer, the washer/dryer, all of the kitchen pots and pans etc., and Finian's toys, all of which we will need for the next 2 weeks. If only someone would move into the vacant house next door with young kids and no furniture (more on this in a later post).

The weekend hasn't been all work - we went to our old neighbours' beautiful, newly built, modern style house this afternoon for crepes.

Fiacra and Ailbhe have been great all weekend. They spent all of Saturday morning at their desks  - Fiacra was working on writing math books and Ailbhe drawing and crafting as usual. Fiacra wrote 2 books, "Numbers - my favourite number is pi", and "Equations". I then had to write a report on each of them. The reports were, of course, extremely positive. However the report on the reports not so good, apparently my writing is not quite up to French standards.

This week, I am going to pack the kids' rolley suitcases, which they bring as carry-on. I was looking up our flight information last night and was fairly horrified to see that the flight from Paris to Toronto is over 8 hours. I guess I was thinking in terms of the Ireland - Toronto flight which is 6 hours. I think Fiacra and Ailbhe will be fine, Finian will be a problem. He's not a big fan of sitting still.

I would like to get everything pretty much done this week so that we can have a last fun weekend next weekend.

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