Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Day in School - By Fiacra

Fiacra was very happy with the blog post of his photos and wanted to do some more posts. He came up with this idea by himself, that he would describe a school day so that our friends in Canada would know what a French school was like. This is exactly as he dictated it. All I did was prompt him now and then with "and what happened next?". He is working on photos of Finian for another post.

Morning (9 - 12)
We played tag while we were waiting for everyone to come. The bell rang. We lined up. Our teacher came and we went inside. We got our coats off and sat in our desks. We practised our play. We got a piece of paper full of work to do. We had to read about 20 paragraphs in FRENCH, and then read the questions and find the answer in the 20 paragraphs.

We went outside and played Cache, Cache, Trap AGAIN, that means tag plus hide and seek. The bell rang, we lined up, teacher came, we went in. She told us what we were going to do today. Teacher said some equations, if she picked you and you answered right, you got to give out the red books.  We did our red book, we wrote the date, we wrote the time, we wrote the temperature, we did our writing. We got a little piece of paper that we had to do. Then we did the yellow book, this is our homework book. Then we read Justine which IS our homework.

Lunch (12 - 2)
The bell rings, everyone finishes their work. Everyone puts on their coats. The people that go to the canteen go outside and run to the canteen. We line up and then go in. We go down the stairs, take our coats off, hang them up and then go into the canteen. We get our trays and fill them up with our food and then we pick a chair, sit down and eat. When you're finished, you put your tray in the trolley and then line up. We go up the stairs, outside and then we play Cache, Cache, Trap for a little. Then an adult joined in and lots of other kids. After that another teacher came and we played Sharks and Minnows. We waited for the kids that went home to come, the bell rang, we lined up, our teacher came, we went in, and sat down at our desks.

Afternoon (2 - 5)
We got our workbook, did some stuff in that, got our main workbook did some stuff in that. Then we did a math page. There was a chicken split into lots of different areas like the head, the neck, the body, the feet, and in every spot, it had an equation. Then we had to do the equation and on the side there were lots of different numbers and colours that went with them. We had to figure out the equation, then find which number it was, then find the colour it went with and then colour in that part with the colour. We went outside, and played tag. The bell rang, we lined up, our teacher came, we went in, we went to our desks and sat down. We finished the chicken paper. We did our yellow book, we wrote down our homework. We went to the middle of the classroom and sat down. Teacher read us a story about the Romans that was real. Then we got our backpacks and went home.

Connell and I have been wondering how Fiacra is doing in school. We haven't really had any feedback from his teacher at all. When Fiacra described reading 20 paragraphs in French and answering questions, I was surprised. I'm not sure he would be able to do this in English. He was very vague when I asked him about it. I asked him if he was able to understand the story about the Romans and he said he was. He brought home a test he had done in school on Friday which had both French language and math and he had done really well. So we are assuming he is doing fine. I hope he is.

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  1. Thanks for telling us about your day at school Fiacra. I thought it was very interesting and I have been wondering what school in France is like. I will be sure to read this to Heather and Addie. I know they will be interested too!