Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In the first quarter of this year, Bordeaux and the surrounding area has only had 26% of its usual rainfall. We found this out only the other day, but we have commented many times on the lack of rain. There are some things we have been saving for a rainy day, like the science center, that we just keep on saving. Fiacra is starting to get a little disgruntled at this stage.

On Friday afternoon, it made up at least a couple of percent of its rain. Connell and I (and Finian) were meeting for a beer. Just at the meeting time, the rain started, Finian and I were under an awning on one side of the road and I saw Connell run under an awning on the other side. The rain was torrential but Connell braved it to cross over to us. We were about 100 metres from the place we had planned on going but ended up staying under the awning for another half an hour, while the rain turned to hail, then bigger hail, then back to rain.

Sometime during the half an hour, I remembered I had a load of laundry "drying" on the drying rack outside, and the quilt from our bed was also outside "drying". Hmm. And I had left the bedroom windows open, and the sliding door in the front room wide open. There was quite a mess when we got home. This is what happens when there is 26% of the normal rainfall, you never expect it to rain.

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