Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Knew It - Cleaning is Bad for You

Ailbhe, Finian, and I sat outside for lunch yesterday. When I started to clean up, I realized we were running a little late to get Ailbhe back to school on time. I rushed inside with an armload of dishes, dropped them in the sink, and ran to get the rest. Ailbhe was standing beside the large sliding double door. "We need to get going Ail..", CRASH - I slammed into the door. For some reason, Ailbhe had quietly slid the door closed. That hurt. I had obviously done way too good a job cleaning the glass in the morning. Sometimes a little dirt is a good thing.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, man! That hurts!

    For the longest time my dad never had a screen in front of his sliding door. The last time we were there my dad had finally put a screen on the door (which I didn't know about) and I crashed right through the screen & fell into the hot BBQ. Thankfully, I didn't burn myself but I banged my leg up. The screen was completely bent and useless after that. My dad was annoyed with me at first but I said, you haven't had a screen on in years and now there is one! It is not like I wanted to crash through the screen! Sheesh!