Sunday, May 1, 2011


We have always taken Fiacra and Ailbhe to Cookie Cutters to get their hair cut. At Cookie Cutters, you get to choose something fun to sit on and a movie to watch. The balloon and lollipop afterwards are eagerly anticipated and are an extra incentive for good behaviour. It's not cheap though and having both their hair cut cost over $40.

Once Fiacra turned 5, we made the arbitrary declaration, "once you are 5 you no longer go to Cookie Cutters". Fiacra is generally accepting of these "rules" and so off to the barber shop Fiacra and Daddy go.

A week or two before this, Fiacra had fallen out of a bag of soil (a giant bag of soil), head-first onto the driveway and had cut his head. The barber, when combing his hair, must have accidentally lifted the scab. There were accusations flying that the barber had intentionally cut him with the scissors and our hothead stormed out. Unfortunately, this happened half-way through the haircut so our standard refrain of short at the back and sides, longer on top became, short on top and longer at the back and sides. He looked like Friar Tuck. I was a little surprised by this new style when they got home. I made a valiant attempt to finish the haircut but in the end, we sheepishly returned to Cookie Cutters.

There is no Cookie Cutters equivalent around Bordeaux and both Fiacra and Ailbhe desperately needed haircuts. We went to the hairdresser nearest us and they both had the works, shampoo, cut, and blow-dry. They were fantastic and never even mentioned the missing balloon and lollipop. The only thing they weren't crazy about was the big dog wandering around, until it became obvious that the dog was terrified of Finian's rattle and was hiding under Fiacra's seat to get away from it. They loved that.

Sorry Cookie Cutters, no more business from us.

Oh wait - we have a third child. He will probably need his first haircut in France anyway so we will wait and see how that goes.

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