Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Perfect Mother's Day

Mother's Day in France (la Fete des Meres) is actually the last Sunday in May but since Finian and I will be  arriving back from Ireland that afternoon, we decided to celebrate Mother's Day yesterday, as in Canada. I had a great Mother's Day.

The kids woke me up with presents they had made. When I came downstairs, they had breakfast all laid out. After breakfast, Fiacra and I biked to the Sunday market (we have bikes now!!) and bought fruit, vegetables, bread, and cheese. We had a nice lunch sitting outside on our new patio set (no end to the spending in this house). 

In the afternoon, we took the tram downtown. The Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle (Saint James Way) goes through downtown Bordeaux, passes the building Connell works in and continues to Talence, where we live. We followed it through the historic center of Bordeaux and had a really nice walk. We got home just in time for dinner which I had made the night before, delicious beef bourguignon.

My kind of day.

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