Monday, September 26, 2011

Finian's Progress

In the last two weeks Finian has seen both his orthopedic surgeon and pediatrician. The orthopedic surgeon was happy with his feet, he thinks that his muscles are still weak but that he is making progress. The pediatrician was also happy with his progress but is now concerned about his weight gain, or more accurately, lack thereof. Since his last appointment in June, Finian hasn't gained any weight. Not a big surprise, since he hasn't really eaten much since he was sick in August.

In the past week, his eating has improved. He's still not a fan of breakfast but will generally eat something at both lunch and dinner. He loves toasted cheese sandwiches, pizza, and quiche. He scorns anything on a spoon. I just keep offering him food regularly throughout the day and try not to get stressed about it.

He is getting closer to crawling and can manage to pull himself across the floor if there is something really tempting in his sight, like marbles. He is babbling loudly now.

Even though the doctors say that his muscles are weak, Finian actually has a good throw. On Wednesday, Finian, Ailbhe, and I were on our way home on the tram. Finian was playing happily with his rattle but I guess he was finished with that game because he suddenly flung it across the tram. He shoots, he scores - straight into a man's bag (unnoticed by the man). It took a bit of explaining but eventually I got the rattle back.

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  1. Adorable! So glad to hear that his updates were positive! When will be you home?