Friday, September 2, 2011

Snacktime Conversation

I overheard this conversation between Fiacra and Ailbhe while they were having a snack today:

"Ailbhe, do you want me to count to 30 in Roman numerals"


"i, ii, iii, iv, v, ..., xxx, now you count to 10 in Roman numerals"

"i, ii, iii, iiii"

"NO, IT'S NOT iiii, IT'S iv"

Many attempts (and much screaming) later, Ailbhe got to 10. Fiacra actually got more patient as she went along. When she triumphantly reached 10, Fiacra said:

"Good, now do it again"

"Oh no thanks"

When I was typing this up, I said to Connell "should the Roman numerals be capitalized or not?" Fiacra piped up with "Capitals are better. The Romans used capitals." Where did we get this child?

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  1. Hey. Greg and I have noticed that you have been trying to get us on Skype. We will try to get a hold oh you this weekend.