Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Quick Trip to Spain

While we were in the Pyrenees, we crossed over to Spain for an afternoon.  The weather on the French side had been a little dreary, but we were told it would be nicer on the Spanish side.  To cross the border, we went through the 8.6 km long Somport Tunnel; one end is in France and the other is in Spain.  What a difference in the weather!

Canfranc on the Spanish side

Needing food for the kids, not to mention the adults, we continued south to Jaca. After wandering around the newer, not-so-interesting part of town, we finally discovered a place to stop. There was a big open field; on one side was a cafe and on the other was an old fort. Amazing!

Finian in front of the Castle of San Pedro

Deer keep the grass in the moat short and green

A boy, a fort and a Pyrenee

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