Saturday, September 17, 2011

La Rentrée - Week Two

The kids had another good week at school. Fiacra likes his teacher, she is strict but not as strict as his teacher from last year. We joke with him that he will never again have a teacher that strict. Even if all the kids in his class are complaining about a teacher, he will be able to say "you think that's bad!!! Let me tell you about my CP teacher." He loves it.

Fiacra is getting homework now, generally reading some paragraphs of a poem and spelling. We have to push him a bit to do it. He's just not interested and let's face it, spelling??? It's just not that interesting. He has said, "why do I need to learn to spell? When I invent the way to detect the Higgs boson, I'll be a millionaire". I explain that he will have to write up his methods in order to publish it, (and so become a millionaire and buy me a holiday home in the south of France). His answer "Ailbhe will be in charge of all the writing. AILBHE - have you done your reading practise today?"

Ailbhe, on the other hand, is such a keener. She loves to practise her reading and she insists I give her writing practise everyday.

Fiacra started Multisports on Wednesday afternoon. It runs from 1:30 to 5pm. A bus picks them up outside his school at 1:15 and drops them off again at 5:15. A snack is provided. The cost for the year? 140 Euros, pretty good! He was a bit hesitant to go at first but of course loved it. Some of his friends from school are also doing it. This week they did sprinting and ultimate frisbee. He is already looking forward to next week.

Fiacra also started weekly swimming with his class on Friday afternoon. What a great way to end the school week.

Finian and I had a good week. He had a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning. We were a bit early so we wandered a bit before going to the doctor's office. We came across a thrift store which I was interested in because we will have lots of stuff for donation when we leave, and we haven't found a charity drop-off yet. There were lots of old ladies sorting clothes and they were cuckooing at Finian ("Cuckoo" is the standard French way to greet a baby). They asked where we were from, I said I was Irish and then that Finian was Canadian. The cuckooing increased tenfold. Is a Canadian baby that much more interesting than an Irish baby? Apparently yes!

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