Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

The kids have a week off school at the end of October. We are planning on going away for the week and had decided on Paris. Now we're not so sure. We're also thinking of the Perigord Noir area of the Dordogne. Paris and the Dordogne will make for very different vacations, we just need to decide which we want for, most likely, our last vacation in France.

Our friends had a great time in Paris this summer. They used this book and found it fantastic. We have been flipping through and have found lots we're interested in.
Fodor's Around Paris with Kids, 4th Edition

I think Paris would be a much busier vacation, going here and there and seeing and doing. The Dordogne would be much more relaxed. Finian is at a tricky age right now. I'm not sure Paris would be the best for him, and if Finian is not enjoying himself, I'm probably not either. 

We're leaning towards the Dordogne for the family vacation with a weekend trip to Paris in November for Connell and Fiacra. 

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