Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Last week I was reading the Globe and Mail online and noticed some turkey recipes. It seemed a bit odd at first, turkey recipes in October? Oh right, Thanksgiving. I would have completely forgotten about it. I mentioned it later to Connell and the same thing had happened to him.

Well I got what I asked for - some cooler weather. We have had three cool days in a row, with highs 17º, 17º, and 20º. A big drop in temperature from last week. I could tell the cooler weather had arrived by the abundance of scarves around town. In Canada, when it cools down, people wear hats. In France, scarves are the accessory of choice. A return to hot weather again tomorrow though. I can now see why the outdoor pool at the swim complex stays open until the end of October.

We finally made a decision about the kids' upcoming school vacation, we're going to the Vézère Valley in the Dordogne. The Vézère Valley is famous for its cave paintings, particularly the Lascaux cave. The Lascaux cave is closed to the public but amazingly a reproduction cave, Lascaux II, has been built in an underground concrete bunker in the same hillside, with many of the paintings reproduced using the same techniques and materials as the original. For a virtual tour of Lascaux and its cave paintings click here. We  will definitely visit Lascaux II and at least one other cave.

My brother John is coming to visit us next weekend. We're excited!

Happy Thanksgiving from a little Canadian

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