Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween isn't really celebrated in France. I have seen a few stores with Halloween decorations in the windows but we haven't seen any pumpkins for sale and kids don't go trick or treating. This morning I mentioned to Fiacra and Ailbhe that it was Halloween. I said they could come trick or treating to Connell and I if they wanted. They felt that trick or treating to a single house wasn't enough, so they decided to temporarily move Connell to the beach tent in the courtyard. I offered to do a candy hunt for them. I felt a bit bad, trick or treating to their own house and a beach tent? Fiacra replied "Great, you set up a candy hunt, and Dad will just give out candy like a normal person." Right - that would be the normal person living in the beach tent in my courtyard.

They spent the morning decorating for Halloween, picking out their costumes, and deciding how to dress up Finian. They never complained about missing out on Halloween and seemed perfectly happy with their trick or treating. Sometimes they can be the easiest kids in the world.

Little ninja

 "Don't mess with me, I have been trained by a crazy person"

Bunny, little ninja, and viking (lovingly known as crazy person) 

Finian could not take his eyes off Ailbhe.

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