Sunday, October 9, 2011


Cacofolie (Au Backe !)

Our kids love playing games. We often play a game before bed. These are some of the games we have been playing recently. Most of them we have borrowed from the local Ludothéque, which has a great play area for kids and also an amazing toy library. They have 100's of board games. I don't think we'll get through them all, but we'll try.

Connell takes on Ailbhe at Quoridor and Fiacra at Quarto


  1. Hi, I'm just reading down through your blog. Its great, we are planning on doing exactly what you did this November except we have only 2 little boys and we are all Irish. Thanks to you I have already avoided a number embarassing situations e.g. first doc visit and this info about the toy library is great as the idea of leaving most of the boys' toys behind for a year really pains me.
    Thanks again Deirdre

  2. Hi Deirdre,

    Thanks for your comment. Are you guys coming to Bordeaux? What ages are your boys? We are leaving Bordeaux to return to Canada mid-December, if you are coming close to Bordeaux we might be able to pass along toys, etc.