Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last Friday was Carnaval at the kids' schools. Fiacra's class had a theme for their costumes, the seasons. So like a good Canadian boy, he dressed up as a snowman. Ailbhe's class was thankfully themeless. Ailbhe picked a bunny costume to wear.

Fiacra had brought a note home from school describing the carnaval activities. The kids would leave the school at 2:30pm, parade around the streets and end at the park close to the school. At the park, Monsieur Carnaval would be judged and burned. We were intrigued.

 Monsieur Carnaval waiting at the school to lead the parade 

 Fiacra in the parade

All the kids had bags of confetti for throwing at each other and at the spectators. Fiacra loved this part. Once the parade reached the park, one of the older classes had a mock trial for Monsieur Carnaval with a judge, lawyers and witnesses. The witnesses each listed crimes (generally food related) that Monsieur Carnaval had committed. After each witness, the jury (the rest of the school) would chant "burn him, burn him". And once he was declared guilty, that's exactly what they did. 

 Monsieur Carnaval's trial

 He burns - there were firecrackers in him for added effect

After Monsieur Carnaval was no more, Connell, Finian, and I went to Ailbhe's school. There was a performance for the kids and then an open house for the parents. Again, all the kids had bags of confetti and weren't shy about using it.

 Ailbhe in a confetti fight

Bunny Ailbhe

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