Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finian's Update

Finian had his second appointment with the French pediatric surgeon on Tuesday. He had x-rays taken of his feet and hips. The surgeon thinks everything looks good at the moment, but is concerned about the risk of over-correction with continued use of his Dennis Browne boots and bar. So, he has recommended to discontinue use of the boots at night.

My first thought was, hurray, FINALLY he will sleep again. I am a bit concerned though, because Finian's orthopedic surgeon in Canada had said that he would need to wear the boots at night for as long as he would tolerate us putting them on him. This is the difficult part of switching doctors in the middle of treatment.

Finian can only put weight on his feet for a few seconds, and when he does, his right foot rolls so that he is standing on the outside of his foot. His feet are really flexible which is the surgeon's concern. He said to buy leather boots with a flat sole, that they would help him start to put weight on his feet. We have another appointment in two months.

We will leave France when Finian is 17 months old. I hope he starts to walk in France.

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  1. Gosh that would be a tough decision. You could always try emailing the two top doctors in the US and see what there thoughts are on the whole situation.

    When I was questioning Matthew's doctor here in Canada, I emailed Dr Dobbs in St Louis and asked what his thoughts were. He replied within hours and Matthew wasn't even his patient.

    Good luck!