Friday, April 8, 2011

Why Don't We Have a TV?

Ailbhe asked me that yesterday. For the record, we did have a TV in Canada, the kids just never watched it much. Every so often, they would watch a movie or a Magic School Bus DVD, but more on a monthly rather than a daily basis. In France, they have watched an odd show on the computer, thanks to iTunes -  usually the Pink Panther, the Smurfs, or Tom and Jerry.

I asked Ailbhe why she thought we needed a TV. "How can we check the weather if we don't have a TV?" was her first reply. I told her that we always check the weather on the computer. "Well, how do we know if there's a soccer game on, that we might want to watch?" Okay, I am detecting a strong Irish influence here, the weather and soccer - Grandad!!!!!!!

Why don't our kids watch TV? Well up to now, they have never really asked and we don't suggest it. Why do we let them watch the Pink Panther, for instance? Because it's hilarious and they get the jokes. I have to get a video of Fiacra laughing at the Inspector and Deux-Deux.

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