Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy French Cooking

I have been trying to cook more French food recently, it seems the best way to discover the food that's readily available here but that I'm not necessarily familiar with. I found a great website Easy French Food and I'm working my way through the recipes.

I've made Chicken Chasseur a few times. The kids love it. We serve it with rice, green beans, and bread of course. We had Beef Bourguignon yesterday and and leftovers today. I asked Connell if he liked it, "very much" he answered emphatically. These are both winter foods so we probably won't have them too many more times until fall.

I'm looking for recipes that will be good during the summer. In Canada, during the summer, we barbecue almost every day. I don't think we'll get a BBQ here. We're trying to keep in mind that everything we get has to be gotten rid of when we leave, and that keeps purchases down.

I made Quiche Jambon Fromage at the weekend. I used the recommended Compte cheese cut into cubes, so you can really taste the cheese. Fiacra seemed to like it, at least he ate a large slice with no complaints. Ailbhe ate some. Connell was surprised how much he liked it. I loved it. We will have this a lot during the summer. I will also try the other quiche recipes.

Our Friday lunches are helping with our French food discovery. Since the last school break, we only missed a single Friday lunch when Finian was sick. We will resume when the kids are back at school. Both Connell and I look forward to them, I'm not sure about Finian.

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  1. I am sure he just LOVES sitting in his stroller watching you both eat! :P