Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ailbhe's 5th Birthday

Ailbhe celebrated her 5th birthday while we were in Ireland. She has been saying for quite a while that for her birthday she wanted to go to Busy Bees, an indoor play area in Oranmore, with all her cousins. So that's what we did. Our kids always seem to have multiple birthday celebrations and this was no different.

Her actual birthday was on Thursday so we had presents and cake then. Her Busy Bees party was on Saturday morning. We had lunch afterwards at my parents' house and then a birthday cake made by auntie Sinead. It was a lovely sunny day for once, so we went to Renville Park for the afternoon.

Ailbhe can be quite shy and doesn't like a lot of attention. She crawled under the table while we sang Happy Birthday on her birthday. She also doesn't like photos being taken of her. I managed to get one of her opening presents by telling her I would put the camera immediately away afterwards.

Ailbhe opening presents from Canada


  1. I recognize that paper! That is a really sweet photo of the kids!

  2. happy birthday Ailbhe! Sorry we did not get you a present, we don't know your address? love from abby