Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bought - Philips Senseo Coffeemaker

When we first came to France, all I wanted was a Canadian coffee, preferably a grande medium roast with half and half cream from Starbucks. In the past three months though, I have come round to French coffee. So much so, that after lunch each day, I would crave a French coffee. Enter a Philips Senseo Coffeemaker. I was so excited about it's arrival that Fiacra commented "Mum - all you think about is food and coffee". So not true, I often think about wine as well.

 Senseo in action

 The perfect coffee complete with crema finish

The Senseo is a single serve coffeemaker. The coffee pods are like tea bags so could go in the green bin in Canada. The coffee is delicious. I don't even add milk because the crema finish is so perfect. The current coffee situation in our house - we still have our large Canadian coffee in the morning, thanks to our Bodum, and after lunch 1 (or 2) French coffees.


  1. You mean Starbucks "Canadian" coffee? Did you bring a huge stash?

  2. I stumbled onto your blog today and wanted to say hi. I saw that Finian was born with left club foot and currently is wearing a Dobbs bar.

    My oldest son Matthew (now 8 yrs), was also born with left clubfoot (we are in Calgary) but also born with nerve damage. We have gone through a lot of what you are going through as well as more with the added complication of peroneal nerve damage.

    Anyways, I have a long list of clubfoot blogs on my blog and would love to add yours. Would love the different input of treatment in another country.

    If you don't mind me adding your blog to the list, pop by my blog and let me know!

  3. Hey Trish,

    We didn't bring any coffee with us. By Canadian coffee, I mean a huge (by French standards) coffee like a Tim's or a starbucks.