Friday, March 4, 2011

On The Menu

It was Ailbhe's turn to stay at school for lunch yesterday. When she came home, she said she liked everything and ate everything and wanted to stay again today. Friday is Fiacra's school lunch day but if they both have lunch at school then Connell and I can go out for lunch, so sure, she can stay.

Fiacra and Ailbhe's lunch menu:
Endives aux pommes (endive and apples, cooked I think)
Boeuf Bourguignon (beef stew)
Jeunes carottes persillees (baby carrots cooked in some way)
Yaourt Bio au citron (lemon yougort)
Gaufre liegeoise (a waffle-like dessert)
St Paulin + pain (cheese and bread)

Connell and Fiona's lunch menu:

Connell and I went to a restaurant in the square in front of the university. We both had the menu du jour above, which includes an appetizer, a choice of two main courses, dessert and coffee.

Appetizer - Belle assiette de crudite

My main course - Dorade 

The fish was served with this unidentified vegetable. It might be celeriac

 Connell's main course

Dessert - creme brulee, plum in chocolate sauce, and some unidentified yumminess

Finian slept in the stroller until just before dessert. He stirred when the waiter dropped beer mats on him and woke up when he apologized loudly.

This was the most delicious lunch. Can you believe it was 13 Euro? If Ailbhe wants to stay at school every Friday for lunch, Connell and I will manage somehow.