Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life of Leisure

What a year I am having. It is so nice to not be working. I am not packing up our house, packing to leave the country, doing renovations, preparing for renovations or doing yard work. I am just hanging out, often just with Finian, but also with Fiacra and Ailbhe on Wednesdays and all five of us on the weekends.

My day today - walked Fiacra to school this morning, came home and put Finian down for a nap, cleaned the kids room, played with Finian, walked to the grocery store and then by the school to collect Fiacra for lunch. Had lunch with Fiacra and Finian, spent an hour trying to forecast the winner of hypothetical battles between Darth Vader, Obi Won, a viking, a cop and a robber, all of whom could be armed in many different ways and could call for help from various sources. I managed to pick wrong almost every time. Walked Fiacra back to school, continued to the coffeeshop, had a coffee, looked in the bookstore, bought two books for the kids, came home and put Finian down for a nap, started this post, played with Finian, and walked to the school again to collect Fiacra.

Pretty leisurely, and that's fine by me.

Tomorrow is Friday. Fiacra and Ailbhe will both be staying at school for lunch. After lunch, Ailbhe's school is going to go to the opera. Connell and I will go out for lunch. I'm looking forward to it. We are going to rent a car for the weekend and go to the beach.

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  1. Glad that you can relax a bit now and enjoy your time with Finian while he is young and the other two.

    Will you go straight back to work once you get back to Canada? For my own selfish reasons, I hope NOT!