Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finian's Check-up

Finian had an appointment with a pediatric surgeon today to have his feet checked. It went fairly well. The doctor thinks his feet are too flexible so there is a risk of over-correction with the current brace. He doesn't use this kind of brace, he prefers to splint the feet separately. We will see him again in a month. Finian will continue to wear his brace at night for the next month but we may switch to splints then as his boots will be getting a bit small.

He was surprised that the tenotomy, where Finian's Achilles tendon was cut, was done under local anesthetic. In France, it's done under a general anesthetic. He was also surprised that his hips hadn't been x-rayed, x-rays of his hips and feet will be taken at the next appointment. I sure hope he doesn't have any hip displacia.

The doctor was really nice and said as we were leaving, "by the next rendez-vous, your French will be better than my English". I doubt it.

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