Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finian is 6 Months Old

Finian is 6 months old today. Fiacra and I tried hard all day to get a photo of him smiling. Fiacra would make him laugh but as soon as he saw the camera, his lovely laugh would turn to this:

Eventually we called in the big guns (Daddy) and recorded a smile.

Finian now has his two front top teeth which surprised us last week. He can roll over even when wearing his boots and bar. He likes nothing better than being manhandled by his brother and sister.


  1. Oh my - he is such a cutie! In the first photo I think he looks just like Ailbhe, but in the second photo I think he looks just like Fiacra!

  2. Cute! Does he have Fiona's red hair?? I can't tell who he looks like, but seems more of a Lusby I think...