Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First visit to a doctor

Finian's chest was still wheezy today after a week of medication. I took him to the doctor's office that someone in the rental agency had recommended.

Correct procedure at medical clinic:

Come in and say a sunny "Bonjour" to toute la monde in the waiting room. Toute la monde replies in same. Sit down and take careful note of all those in the waiting room thus noting place in the queue. Once everyone who was present when you arrived has been seen and the doctor comes out for the next patient, stand up and greet the doctor by warmly shaking his hand. Enter the doctor's office.

Incorrect procedure at medical clinic:

No sunny "Bonjour" to toute la monde. Focused on finding a receptionist and somehow registering, walk straight into the doctor's office where he is seeing a patient. Mumble something in a mixture of French and English and sit down. So embarrass your five month old that he has to spend the next 30 minutes, smiling insanely at everyone. Pay no attention to who was in the waiting room when you arrived and smile nicely each time the doctor comes out and says to just you "please sit", "please stay seated" "please wait" etc. When everyone looks pointedly at you, you know it's your turn. Enter the doctor's office.

Finian still has a chest infection, got a prescription for him and a referral for 3 sessions of physio to loosen the mucous in his chest. I used the correct procedure at the physio clinic.


  1. Yeah! I am your first "follower". I am so glad that you set this up. It will be such a great record of your adventure!

  2. Me again. Had a little giggle at your experience at the doc. Maybe you should wear a Canada flag on all of your stuff. Then everyone will understand! ;)

    I can't wait to hear more. And yes, photos please!

  3. Looks like you're off to a great start! Keep the photos and stories coming!