Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still almost living in France

Connell and I have been busy looking for somewhere to live. We now have three good possibilities, two houses and an apartment. We submitted our application for one of the houses today, will submit for the second house tomorrow and for the apartment on Thursday. Here's what is contained in our rental application:
  • Passports
  • RIB from the bank
  • Connell's tax form from 2009 and 2010
  • Connell's last 3 payslips
  • Letter from Connell's university in Canada stating he is a permanent member of staff, that he will be receiving his full salary for 2011 and that he will be spending 2011 at the university in Bordeaux
  • Letter from the university in Bordeaux stating that Connell will be spending 2011 here
  • Letter from the hotel saying that we are fully paid up
  • The rental agreement for our house in Canada which we have rented out for the year
  • A character reference from Julien, Connell's friend who is conveniently French

Hopefully we will be approved for all 3 and will then be able to choose. The apartment is in the historic center of Bordeaux which is beautiful but the kids would both need to move schools. Both houses are close to Fiacra's school, Ailbhe would move to the Ecole Maternelle at Fiacra's school.

We are stopping looking now and assuming that we will get at least one of these, fingers crossed.

Connell and I were talking about the various pros and cons of each at lunch today, Fiacra was listening and suddenly burst out with "Maybe we'll get all three, then we can live in one and sell the other two". Sounds good to me.

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