Saturday, January 22, 2011


We have found another place to recommend: Saint-Émilion. We drove there today in less than an hour. If you visit with kids, then you should go for the day. If you visit without kids, then you should stay for a couple of nights.


It is a medieval village in the heart of a famous wine region. It is not a reconstructed medieval village with people in costume. It is a village that for the most part looks like it was built a few hundred years ago. And the main industry is selling wine. Most of the shops in town seem to be wine shops.

Sign in a shop window

The town is also famous for macaroons, a type of cookie. Very yummy.

Most of a macaroon

Additionally, there is Tour de Roy which, unfortunately was closed today. Most of the restaurants were on holiday until the middle of February and the tower was joining them on this.

Tour de Roy

The village is built on a limestone outcropping. One consequence of this is that it is hilly. And since it is a medieval village, a lot of the roads are rough cobblestones - not very stroller-friendly.

Our lunch spot

In spite of many things being closed, it was still fantastic to see. We'll go back again - after the middle of February.


  1. Hey guys,

    You are missing out on some balmy weather here in the old 'Loo! It was -28 with the wind chill this morning. Currently, it is -17, -25 with wind chill (5:00 pm). Bet you miss that!

    We love being able to catch up with you on this blog. Fantastic!

  2. Hey Trish,

    It has gotten colder here, with highs of around 4 - 6 each day. Still with sunny skies though. I'm glad Finian is missing this winter in Canada, his feet would freeze. Granny made him a boot bag which he can wear in the stroller and snuggli.