Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting there - almost living in France

We're getting there.

We have a French bank account and the much sought after RIB (Releve D'Identite Bancaire - essentially a printout of your bank account details which is then used for direct deposits and withdrawals).

We have found a little house to rent and have given all our information to the rental agency, including the RIB, and hopefully will be approved to rent early next week. We had to do a bit of juggling here as the rental agency needed the RIB to let us sign the rental agreement and the bank needed the signed rental agreement in order to give us the RIB. In the end, the rental agency wrote a letter stating what our address would be should we ever get an RIB and the bank accepted this and gave us the RIB.

We have a medical clinic and physiotherapist.

We have registered the kids in school, Ecole Maternelle for Ailbhe, Ecole Elementaire for Fiacra. Both start on Monday.

We both have cell phones. Somehow, we ended up using each other's phones today, Connell's phone is all in English, the cheater!!!

Not bad for 4 days. We haven't really seen much of Bordeaux yet or even drank any Bordeaux yet.  This will be remedied tout de suite, j'espere (actually being remedied right now)

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  1. I can't keep up with all these posts! 3 in one day!