Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Success at last

We have the keys to a rental house at last. In fact, we have many keys to a house, 6 in total (outside gate, garage, front door, door from garage, one to open the mailbox from the street, one to open the mailbox from the yard).

The more keys the better, we are very security consience.

The house is small, one room downstairs, which is the kitchen and sitting room combined, and 3 bedrooms upstairs. I think it will work well for us. The kids say they love it and were ready to sleep there tonight despite the fact that there's no furniture.

Connell is going to IKEA tomorrow with a long list. You can rent vans at IKEA to drive your furniture home, so no IKEA wine for Connell tomorrow.

The house is close to Fiacra's school. Ailbhe will have to move schools but she doesn't mind. It will be great to have them both at the same location.


  1. Is that the most keys that you have ever owned?

    If you could forward your mailing address please, if you have it already. We know that there is a Canadian girl having a birthday fairly soon!

    If you e-mail it to me, I can forward to the others if you like.

  2. Can you tell that I am a bored housewife with nothing to do? I am so diligent about posting comments!

  3. We love your comments, Trish. Just doing the IKEA list now, long very long. I'll email you our address now.

  4. Got it.

    Your IKEA list reminds me of Lisbeth Salander's list in the 2nd Dragon Tattoo book. I was envious of all of the new things she got to buy.

    Too bad Connell can't have the wine.

  5. Cool. I used the photo to duplicate the keys.

    What did you say your address was?