Saturday, January 8, 2011

The joy of a hotel room for 5 people

We are currently staying in a hotel apartment, essentially a large room with a tiny kitchen, two single beds, and a double bed and a crib in a small alcove.

Tonight Finian was asleep in his crib, Fiacra and Ailbhe were settled in their beds and about to fall asleep, I was on the computer, and Connell was reading his book. The lights were mostly off. Connell got up to replenish our wine glasses.

And out of the darkness came


We are being policed by a 6 year old. Can I add that it was 8:25pm!!!! Are we ready to move into a house? I would say so.


  1. I'd say so too.

    This is insane! I can barely keep up with your blog posts!

    Hey, now that you are getting into blogging, you could add another blog to record all the books you read. Many bloggers do a challenge called 52 books in 52 weeks. I am sure that you easily read that many. I think you just list the books you read and give a little review.


  2. Hey guys,

    Sheri said that she can't leave any comments. If you go to "Settings" and then "Comments" and then under "Who Can Comment". If you click on anyone, then Sheri should be able to leave a comment too, even though she doesn't have hotmail or yahoo or google.