Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rental update

Well we didn't get the apartment but we have been led to believe we have the nicer house. Our application alone wasn't enough to convince them. Since we are not paying tax in France, if we leave without paying rent, they can't track us down. They seem a little obsessed with us leaving without paying rent, I think they missed the whole Canadian aspect. Do that many French people really run out on the rent? Anyway, Julian to the rescue again, this time with his sister-in-law who is an MD, so highly regarded in France. His sister-in-law (whom we have never met) has signed a form stating that she will cover the rent if we take off. With this form, they have agreed to rent us the house. We should get the keys early next week.

As tenants, we have to get property insurance for the house. We are on the losing side here, in Canada as house owners, we get the property insurance, in France as renters, we get the property insurance, hmmmmmm.

I am so glad we have found somewhere to live but will be happier once we actually have the keys. The IKEA challenge is back on.

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